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Archive | March, 2007

Drawing to a close… sort of.

Okay. So there are still a few comics left in the Black History Month roundup, it actually turns out to be a total of more comics than there would have been weeks in February. It’s a pretty mixed bag; from style to content. This week’s installment, Assassin: Angeli Nascosti, by Trenton Thompson, is another work […]

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Twinkie – Friend or Foe?

One of the first signs of intelligence in man, woman or beast is the fear of the Twinkie. The Twinkie looks like a harmless pastry. Except for the “fact”* that it has a shelf life of 20 years and a chemical composition that is beyond reason, it would be just a pastry. That’s why every […]

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I meant what I said, and I said what I meant…

And I’ll do this Black History Month thing, even if it kills me. This is probably the last time I set out to do a theme month; I haven’t felt this boxed in quite some time. [Insert real-life related excuses here] That having been said, on with the review. After a great may referrals and […]

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New York Comic-Con 2007

What happened to the Black History Month thing? The New York Comic-Con happened. Throw in some pithy sayings about the best-laid plans of vermin and humans, and you have my month of February in a nutshell. The Negro Leagues of Webcomics will resume in March. So we were at the New York Comic-Con again last […]

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