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Archive | April, 2007

Anime Boston 2007 – Days 0.5 and 0.75

Due to horrific time constraints, the slightly irregular comic blog will be pre-empted by a brief interlude about the convention that I am attending, namely, Anime Boston. We left New York on Wednesday night (The Jackal was kind enough to drive us), and were safely in Boston sometime around midnight on Thursday morning. We perused […]

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Things to check out

Recently (at the New York Comiccon) I picked up some comics. Surprise, surprise no really these days I have become very picky about the comics I read. You have to pass my litmus test. First the comic has to have a well-drawn cover and intelligent or fun title. The artwork inside the book should match […]

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And a child shall lead them.

There’s still 4 comics left in the Black History Month Roundup, and looking back, how I thought I could have done all these in February, I do not know. But nevertheless, here we are. This current installment in the Roundup is not so much a webcomic as it is a comic book that is being […]

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