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Archive | May, 2008

Shaping up for Spring (no, I still couldn’t think of anything better,) Part 2.

As promised last week, here is the Q&A with Wiz Rollins of Bad Shape (among other things) fame. If you clicked any of the links last week, you won’t be too surprised to fins that the following contains some off-color language; his words, not mine. Anyway, on to the interview: Are you a professional artist? […]

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Shaping up for Spring (no, I couldn’t think of anything better).

Still working may way through some unfinished business, namely the Black Webcomics Roundup. So, here is the first of the remaining three comics; “Bad Shape!”, by Wiz Rollins. Before I give you the link, I’ll just let you know that Bad Shape has adult language, situations, and a pair of ‘urban-the med’ geometric shapes as […]

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David Hasselhoff: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

In 1998 the brilliant people at Fox TV let Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. starring David Hasselhoff appear on television. Now I have to admit I have never seen the full TV movie. I only caught bits of it, really bad bits. I will not judge the whole movie by the parts I saw. It […]

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Hello my name is Sapo and I am comic books junkie.

Yes I am a comic book junkie. Not the kind of junkie that needs that quick cheap fix. I need the good stuff. You can’t just throw together a comic and have it work for types like me. First the story has to be rock solid. If it’s a character that has been around for […]

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News News News

Hello loyal fans… I would like to first apologize for the delay in the Anime Boston photo contest. I thought it would be an easier process than it was. Our system of collecting data and photos got really confusing. So far we sorted most of it out and still need to pick the winners.

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Now with more flavor.

I’m back. I needed a break from the review scene- I had bitten off more than I could chew with the Black Webcomic Roundup, and it had gotten to be a chore instead of something fun. But, now I’m back, and ready to blog about comics again, starting next week. On a completely different note, […]

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