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Archive | October, 2008

Something From Across the Pond.

“…The Elfish Gene is an easy read, and funny at times, although Mark tends to paint with a pretty broad brush. One of the things to keep in mind is that The Elfish Gene is not ?The Secret Life of Gamer Nerds? or anything remotely close to that. Simply put, it is one man?s examination of his own coming-of-age story, and how, now looking back, what a wanker he (and a lot of the people that he knew then) was.”

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Last and certainly not least.

Once upon a far too long ago, I started this whole Black Webcomics Roundup thing. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to save those comics that were most provocative or otherwise discussion-worthy in their portrayals of black people (not necessarily African-Americans) for last. And now, after more than a year of giving myself homework and […]

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Simple Simon Met A Pie man.

Not sure why I started off with this nursery rhyme, Maybe I feel like Simple Simon this morning or maybe I feel like the Pie man. All I know is that Sapo Entertainment is slowly growing roots and will become a strong oak. It is good to have a strong foundation deep roots if you will, no matter what happens you can always take things down to its foundation and it will grow again.

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Three Methods of writing Sci-Fi.

Three Methods of writing Sci-Fi has emerged on television. Method 1 This first method is the most common, and has been used since the beginning of television. In this method each episode of a show had a beginning, middle and end with very little or no connection to the next or previous episode. Star Trek, […]

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Convention Report – Con on the Cob 2008.

Hey there, Internet. I spent last weeknd (Thursday to Sunday morning, actually,) at a little convention in Ohio called Con on the Cob. I?ll do my best to spare you the less-than-exciting details of the trip, like getting to the airport before dawn to make my flight to Detroit do I could fly back the […]

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