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Archive | April, 2009

A Pirate’s Life for Me…

I?ve always had a smiling and nodding acquaintance with pirates. Well, the popularized sort of pirates, who start every other sentence with ?Arr,? ?Nyar,? or in some rare cases, ?Argh.?

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Glued to the Tube…

No, not the YouTube, the boob tube, that thing that people keep saying that no one is watching anymore because of the Internets.

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Warriors of the World.

Check out my brief spate of Twittering through the premiere episode here: http://twitter.com/sapo_group Savage killing machines from bygone eras tearing into each other for your amusement. No, I’m not talking about Jurassic Fight Club (although I will in a moment), I’m talking about Deadliest Warrior a show in a similarly opened vein that instead of […]

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