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Sapo's Rant

We are back.

Sorry people for quite sometime now we have not posted and have been neglecting you. That is about to change. We are back. We plan on being back for a very long time. In the coming weeks we will be featureing articles on what we like to call Diamonds in the Rough. Diamonds in the Rough will be individuals or groups that have talent, and have not achieved the recognition they deserve. If you know an individual or group in this situation let us know and we will try to feature them on our site.

We still have allot of work to do before we are ready to dive right in. Phil and I are up for the challenge. Sapo Entertainment has been around since 2005, for the last two years both Phil and I have faced financial challenges.  We have not fully overcome these challenges, yet we feel we can once again face the day to day of running a few web projects.

We began last September by launching cottonfluff.com, the home to Phils comic The World of Cottonfluff Hollow. The World of Cottonfluff Hollow is the first web comic that Sapo Entertainment decided to publish. The World of Cottonfluff Hollow is also the only one left standing, While Fransis the Amazing never got the start it deserved, and MegMan became a mess of a story, The World of Cottonfluff Hollow remained solid and has gotten new energy these last few months.

For those of you who have followed Sapo Entertainment through the last 6 years, you have seen the many face lifts we have given the site. We have always tried to give our users the most, we can give.  This might have been too much. It has always ended up becoming an organizational nightmare. We always felt that we had too many chainsaws up in the air. Since both Phil and I never knew how to juggle, we decided to get out of the way before hurting ourselves. This gave birth to the idea of separating content to separate sites.  Now the Sapo Entertainment sites main objective it to find talent and promote talent. All of our story telling projects will live on their own sites. This gives us the ability to promote each piece as its own project, if the single project fails it does not bring down the whole Sapo Entertainment machine.

We have learned allot the last six years, we are ready for the challenges that are ahead of us. We are back. So you better be ready.  Keep on the look out for the next adventures we will be presenting you.

Sean “Sapo” Pisano


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