New York Comic Con 2011

The Comic-Con floor

The Con started on Thursday, my friend Ryan and I covered the two main floors. When you first get to Comic-Con you can be completely overwhelmed by everything. Thursday is a good day to start. It is not as busy as it gets the rest of the weekend. It gives you time to have actual conversations with the artists and vendors.

Sapo Entertainment has been attending and participating in  the New York Comic-Con since it first started on February 24th, 2006. This year’s Comic-Con was the biggest yet. Navigating the con becomes an effort of divide and conquer. Once you have an idea what is where, you can make an effort to find what you’re looking for.

Squeek, Sean, Andi Green (The Worry Woo's Creator), and Wince.Most of the con is for the mass market. People in search of a sketch, autograph, or a collectible by a famous artist or star. Marvel, DC, Hasbro and all the other big companies I have no interest in. I am on the lookout for the new cool artists and designers. It is always the diamond in the rough I am looking for. Last year I made the discovery of WorryWoos, and brought Nola for my girlfriend’s sister’s daughter. This year I brought Wince . That ended my Thursday.


Walking through the Artist Alley, I mostly saw people selling fan art of Spider-man, Batman, The Hulk, the X-men, Wonder Woman and Superman. While I find this rather boring, I understand why it turns out this way. Artists need to make money; a sketch of a character that no one knows is a lot harder to sell. The main source of income happens to be the big companies, Marvel and DC.

There are always exceptions. I was getting a bit disappointed trying to find the exceptions, until I came across the Red Rocket Farm – Jason Thomas booth.  Getting new inspiration I decided to give it a more thorough walk-through and found some very interesting artists. My favorites are Emi Boz, Imaginism Studios, Katie CookLaura LeeChad SpilkerChris HamerAdam and Nick HayesDave Rapoza, Jim McCann, Janet LeeSara RichardSkeme RichardsBig Pimp Jones, Julia L Singh, Mike MaydakRory Smith– Blog, and Ant Lucia.

Sean and GroverAfter my discoveries I headed over to meet and get my picture taken with Grover [put the photo here, maybe?]. Had I known the line was going to be so long, I would have arrived there earlier. After Grover’s autograph I came across a vendor called We Love Fine, I purchased a nice Gir sweatshirt from them.

I wandered over to the autograph section, where I made a Mark Hamill spotting. He was signing autographs for a long line of antsy people. The little boy inside of me wanted really badly to get his signature. The adult inside of me reminded me how much I hate lines. So no autograph for me. I also caught a glimpse of Peter Mayhew, Jewel Staite and Rose McGowan.

I spent the rest of my Saturday looking for the Uncanny X-force #8; I was very successful.


The end of the con is always about clean up. My friend Luis Pons brought his camera, daughter Alana and friend Jubei Raziel.  We hit the main floor and I could tell Luis was over whelmed. So I thought the best place to start was the New Gen where they were hosting Mark Hamill and a group of creatures from their comic. We then crossed the floor on the look out for costumes. Luis got a bunch photos, before we hit the autograph section where the star wars fans seemed to be gathering. The day ended with Luis and his daughter taking photos with the two Bat mobiles and the Back to the Future Delorean.

Sean “Sapo” Pisano

Below are other people and things I enjoyed at the con.

Other cool vendors include
Panic Buttons Pinbacks


Suburban Fairy Tales

Other cool things
Major League Mods


Shirts For a Cure

New Gen

Geek Chic

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