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Turning over a new leaf.

For the last few months my blogs have been coming up mostly negative. I do not enjoy the negative as much as some people might think. I have decided to try to only write about things I have enjoyed, and keep my blogs positive. In order to accomplish this I have to get all the crap I hate out of my system.

1. 3D anything, until we have real 3D entertainment like the Danger Room or the Holodeck then we should give up with the 3D crap fest.

2. Comic book movies, they seem to be mostly misses but they keep getting made. Enough, they suck and I will not talk about it anymore. That’s what happens when you let Hollywood control the making of the movie.

3. Republicans I don’t understand them. Nuff said.

4. Bad television, Wait your going to cancel the Sarah Connor Chronicles, But you are going to keep 24. I guess that good writing is not what FOX is into.

I am very sure there is more I can gripe about, for now this will have to do. For this point on I will be only writing about stuff that works and I have enjoyed. ( I think this will last about six months I am think about starting a betting pool. )


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