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You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine…

Happy New Year!

People all over the world have made, or are in the process of making New Year’s Resolutions, deciding that this year shall be different. I have resolved a few things of my own. Perhaps first among them is that I shall not let others affect my mental well-being.

Happiness is a choice, to an extent. If you let the actions or feelings of others dictate or determine how you yourself will feel, then you let those mysterious Others, whomever they are, win. Of course, this can also apply to outside circumstances, but that is where I personally draw the line. Perhaps I will be able to overcome those next year.

In the finale of the musical ‘Camelot’, King Arthur says that we all are ‘less than a drop in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea, but it seems that some of the drop ‘do sparkle ‘

Arthur was referring to individuals, particularly Sir Tom of Warwick, whom he had just knighted, and sent home, behind enemy lines, but the sentiment can also apply to moments in time. Much of life can be humdrum, unchallenging (and life without conflict is incredibly boring), or even unpleasant. But, some moments shine brightly amidst the dullness, or worse yet, darkness, of everyday life.

Some of us only see the sparkle, and are largely oblivious to the darkness that pervades the world around them, like Calan Ree’s Gingerdead. This cheerful gingerbread boy gallivants through his world of few colors, facing even death and dismemberment with a grin.

The comic is presented in a surprising mix of colors- black, white, the occasional shade of gray mixed with splotches of red. This combined with the subject matter, that is, the aforementioned gallivanting mixed in with occasional forays into related, but very non-linear silliness, creates an interesting sort of flow.

The comic is almost like a conversation between a handful of creative types who know each other well, and banter about things back and forth. It skips and flows from subject to subject, old topics drift away as new ones arise, but if you are careful and follow the threads back far enough, you can plainly see that they are all related, at least a little bit, and Gingerdead is the ‘tie that binds’ it all together.

Getting back to our home-baked hero, few things can bring him to anything worse than a state of dismay; even his sister’s repeated attempts on his life go largely unnoticed. The only things that seem to unnerve him are girls and the feeling of being watched.Two totally understandable phobias, considering who he lives with, and what he has to put up with on a regular basis.

While Gingerdead isn’t quite the indefatigable juggernaut of cheerfulness I may be painting him up to be, he definitely has a knack for overlooking the negative side of things- if Gingerdead is unhappy, then either something truly rather horrible has just happened, or he’s decided to be unhappy.

In short, I rather like this comic. It’s dark on the outside, but sweet and cheerful on the inside, much like our hero, Gingerbread, er dead. I’ll be nominating this comic for Best Newcomer in the 2007 Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards.

And remember: they can take a lot of things from you, but don’t let them steal your joy. Be like Gingerdead.

I’ll see you next week.

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