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About Us

Truth in Fiction

At Sapo Entertainment, our goal is to become one of the world’s foremost story-based entertainment companies.

Storytelling is a tradition that dates back to the dawn of humankind. Fiction has always been based on a level of truth. Most of the world’s progress has sprung from a form of fiction at one time or another. You first have to dream it before you can make it. Part of our passion is to create stories and characters that are so real they could almost be true. Our philosophy is if you bring life to the characters, they will bring life to your story. The stories will tell themselves. Our jobs as storytellers become easier, your job as readers become more interesting. Make the set for them to act out their lives in.

Sapo Entertainment’s business strategy is to increase overall visibility of its storylines, using the internet as a primary channel. The compelling nature of our storylines will create loyal audiences, and generate repeat visits, thereby creating increased interest in the individual narratives as well as the Sapo Entertainment brand as a whole. While our characters and stories are the heart of Sapo Entertainment, our company’s method is that old, cherished characters and concepts can make way for new experiences, and revisiting or resurrecting a property for the sake of profit actually devalues it.

Of course, in order for Sapo Entertainment to function at an optimal level, it needs to be self-sustaining. To do this, we have devised a multi-tiered revenue plan. The core of our revenues will be derived from advertising space. These advertisements are prominently placed on each page of the website, in such a way as not to interfere with viewing Sapo Entertainment content, but to still allow maximum viewing. The second tier of our revenue plan lies in publishing. The collected versions of our online works will form the bulk of our published materials, along with other “one-shot” print projects to compliment our Sapo Entertainment brand storylines. Finally, other merchandise, including, but not limited to licensed products, t-shirts created by our satellite printing organization, “The Skin Your’e In,” and additional items make up the last, and currently smallest tier. After our brands and storylines have proven popular, they will be supplemented in this way.

All of our products will be available through the sapoentertainment.com site in addition to being sold at conventions and other events.