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Web Comics

Sam &
Sapo has been reading Sam & Fuzzy since the beginning. Sapo enjoys the writing, the humor, and the artwork.

Digital PIMP
We met Phil and Joe at New York Comic-Con, and they do good work. Sketch recommends Turtle and Bunny; it’s simple in its elegance.

Gingerdead and
Sketch stumbled over Gingerdead several years ago via The Webcomic List’s forum, and fell in love with it. You can even read his review of the comic.

Chip Shop Adventures
Matt Sandbrook does… a lot of different things, but the first thing of his that Sketch found was his webcomic, Chip Shop.

HER! [Girl vs Pig]
Chris Bishop writes and draws, HER. He considers it an adorable, violent webcomic Sapo agree with him. Sapo has enjoyed it since 2001, you should check it out.

People We Read

Jon Schindette, ARt DIrector for Dungeons & Dragons, talks about the business of making artwork, and runs the occasional contest for Fabulous Prizes.

Retro Junk
User-submitted reminiscences about games, movies, tv shows and simple experiences from days gone by. Not always perfectly formatted, but always genuine nostalgia. Also hosts a staggeringly large collection of commercials and TV show title sequences from the 70s to the 90s.

Deep Fried
Sapo reads Deep Fried, and enjoys Jason Yungbluth style and sense of humor. Weapon Brown is a must read.

People We Like

Eric A.
Eric A. Meyer is considered the guru of CSS,? If you have questions about CSS this is the site to start at.

Latest Issue Entertainment
We have been interviewed by the Latest Issue Entertainment people at several conventions we have found ourselves at. Check them out they are really nice guys.

People We Have Met:

We met Zorikh Lequidre at NY Comic-Con some time ago. We found him interesting because he had his own trading cards. We thought he was a celebrity of some kind, but it turns out that he is a mere mortal like you and I.

Tools We Use

Time and
This site includes lots of information that is time and date related, such as yearly and monthly calendars, countdown counters, and a world clock that shows current time in cities all over the world.

Watch Out 4
This is a collection of tools that will help get your creative juices flowing. Sketch recommends the Random Word generators.

Color scheme designer –
This is a single tool with many functions. Sapo often uses this tool when trying to find a color that complements a color he is already using.

Cool Sites

Sapo has has spent many the hour paroozing this site for the latest in geek madness.