Sean “Sapo” Pisano Bio

Sean "Sapo" Pisano

In addition to being a co-founder and web master of Sapo Entertainment, Sean has had a wide array of experiences in just as many different artistic venues. Often Sean's roles have been technical in nature; the most prominent of these have included working as a carpenter, electrician, lighting designer, sound tech, rigger and stage technician for film, theater, the Big Apple Circus, and even rock and roll shows across the world, including a tour with Boss Hog.

To say the least Sean has put on many hats.

Of all the positions that Sean has held, the one that has defined his character the most was his time as an electrician and lighting rigger for the Big Apple Circus. He spent three tours lighting elephants, horses, and clowns as the show traveled across across the Eastern and Midwestern United States.

Throughout all his travels and in all his jobs, he has discovered that ingenuity, planning, and hard work pays off in the end, as shown by his becoming web master for Sapo, as his web development skills are entirely self-taught. In addition to designing and running the Sapo Entertainment web site, Sean is currently working on storyline development for Clandestine 470, and MegMan, Alien DJ.